Okay, it’s time to hop on a call with your prospective photographer. After a few minutes of chit-chat, you’re getting a good feeling about their working style and are comfortable with their pricing. Now, it’s just down to a few questions to help you button up the interview:

Do you have insurance? 

More often than not, wedding venues require photographers to have general liability coverage or else they will not allow them to perform services at their property. If you have booked a venue, I’d recommend asking if insurance is required of your vendors, so that you can verify with the photographer prior to booking.

How does your deposit or payment work?

When you book a photographer, they will typically require a deposit. It varies depending on your total. Some may ask for a percentage of your total amount and others will ask for a flat fee. I ask for 25% down to retain your service for the date selected and the remaining amount is due 30 days prior to your event.

What is your turnaround time to deliver our photos? 

I know this is a headache for couples. Turnaround times are dependent on the photographer’s availability. If they’re busy or over-book themselves, they may tell you that it could take up to a year to get your photos back! This isn’t acceptable. I guarantee a 30-day turnaround of all photos - completely edited.

How many photos should I expect to be delivered?

This varies, of course, but it’ll help you align expectations. On average, you should see between 600 and 1000 photos - depending on the amount of hours of coverage you receive. I typically deliver sneak peeks, which are a few edited highlights of your wedding within 48 hours.

How long have the additional photographers worked with you and will you be there?

This is a question I’d ask if you plan to have more than one photographer. This is helpful to understand if the photographer has ever worked with who they’re asking to assist before to see if the style will match their gallery online. Also, it may seem odd, but I would also ask if they will be there themselves or will they be only sending out their team. 

I am at all of my bookings. My secondary photographers are college (established photographers) and friends that I have worked with over many years and have been in the wedding industry.

What else has been added or can be added to your packages that we might have missed?

Some photographers will offer add-on’s. These could be free or for an additional fee, but it’s helpful to know what other services may be offered that you might have missed. For example, my Standard and Premium photo packages include a free engagement session, while my Premium package also includes 2-hour rehearsal dinner coverage. It’s always good to ask to make sure you understand the full value of what you’re getting.

Interviewing a photographer should be a painless process. Remember to ask: 

  • If they have liability insurance, in case your venue requires any vendors to have it.
  • To describe their deposit or payment schedule to you so it’s clear what to expect when booking your date.
  • When to expect your edited photos and how many to make sure you’re comfortable with the timeframe and amount of photos you’ll be receiving.
  • How long they’ve worked with any photographers that may be at your wedding or if they will be working your wedding at all.
  • And lastly, if there are any additional perks or add-ons that might make your experience even better.