Jesus and Lina hired me to be their videographer for their fall wedding, and they also received a complimentary engagement session as part of the package. This gave me the opportunity to get to know them better, sense their chemistry in front of the camera, and put it all together for something special.

Quality Voiceovers Using the iPhone

I highly recommend couples make time to voice record private vows - especially if don't plan to recite them during the wedding ceremony. I usually make time to record the audio with my equipment prior to the ceremony or sometime during the wedding (where time allows), but in cases where that isn't possible, iPhone voice memos have worked wonders to capture high-quality audio at more convenience times.

In this case, I asked Jesus and Lina to send me their voice memo recordings to use as the voiceover for their engagement video.

What We Used to Create the Video

  1. A story: I love to ask couples this question: "So, tell me how you met?" It provides insight into what they were thinking, the circumstances and the feelings in that moment. I use this to help guide the visuals captured from the b-roll footage we took.
  2. B-roll footage: I make sure to film a tight, wide and middle scene. This ensures that I can transition at anytime throughout the story to keep the video visually-interesting. You'll see that each scene is pretty inconsistent, so that there's more to work from and captures movement so it all fits together seamlessly.
  3. Time: Keep it short - three to five minutes. Sometimes couples struggle to articulate their love story and that's okay. You can get a lot of the meaning and emotions from few words and body language captured in every moment.