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Seeking a backdrop of lush greenery, striking architecture, or a blend of both? Winter Park offers a variety of picturesque locations including Kraft Azalea Park, Park Avenue, or these two beautiful wedding venues: Casa Feliz and the Winter Park Events Center. Depending on your preferences or attire, these versatile spots provide an ideal starting point for your engagement session.

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Kraft Azalea Gardens

This park is gorgeous and changes with the seasons. From lushes greens to the tones of fall, it's an absolutely popular park to take family photos, engagement photos, and even get married. The sun washing in between the branches of the tall cypress trees makes for beautiful shadows, gorgeous gradient beams of light, and whimsical ambience.

Kraft Azalea Garden is located near Park Avenue in Winter Park. It's hidden away below Lake Maitland near gorgeous mansions that also make for scenic backgrounds when composed well.

Below are a few of my most recent shoots.

Casa Feliz and Park Avenue Distric

In the heart of Winter Park is the Park Avenue District. Known for it's boutiques, great food, scenic central park and one of Central Floridas most popular wedding venues, Casa Feliz.

Casa Feliz, a stunning historic home with Spanish-style architecture. It doubles as a museum and wedding venue, making it an ideal spot for engagement photos. If you want to learn more about Casa Feliz, check out my previous post on it.

Also nearby is Central Park, known for its beautiful architecture. And don't forget about SunRail – if you time it right, your photographer can snap some great shots as it passes by. Below, you'll find images I've taken at Casa Feliz and Park Avenue.

Winter Park Events Center

Close by, there's the Winter Park Events Center, a striking venue with its modern architecture that's perfect for snapping photos inside and out. No need to play favorites; this place offers a range of options.

Let me share these three spots below that you'll find around the building that'll give your photos that extra flair.

Here's a small gallery of photoshoots at the winter park events center