Right in the Heart of Downtown Longwood

After grabbing a coffee from Claro's Coffeehouse, I visited the Longwood Community Center, an event center situated in downtown Longwood, Florida. This venue is conveniently located just a 15-minute drive north of Orlando and is close to Interstate 4 (i4). Additionally, it is approximately 500 feet away from the Sunrail Station, offering easy accessibility for guests traveling from other parts of Orlando.

While you can find prices and additional information about the venue on their website, I wanted to share some of the characteristics I've found to be the most charming about this venue.

The architecture of the Longwood Community Center, along with its beautiful original trim and rich history, left a lasting impression on me. It inspired me to return and capture more couples in various creative ways.

4 Charming Backdrops for Your Wedding Photos

The Main Entrance

The main entrance of the venue creates a significant impact and can be further enhanced with beautiful accent floral arrangements. The natural light that enters the space creates a stunning gradient effect, adding to the magical ambiance.

Reception Hall

Moving to the reception hall, it is remarkably spacious, providing a comfortable working environment for photographers and videographers. However, due to the high ceilings, the space can become dim when the lights are off. It is crucial to ensure proper lighting with the use of flashes and continuous lights. Hiring a vendor that offers lighting services, particularly for illuminating the walls, can greatly improve the overall atmosphere.

Dancing Area

The dancing area is ample, avoiding the inconvenience of a cramped space, which can hinder work and movement.

As for the changing rooms, they offer generous space. However, it is essential to keep them clean to avoid a cluttered appearance in getting ready shots. Maintaining a clean environment is crucial for photographers to capture beautiful images.

The Bride and Groom's Rooms

The bride's room is described as light and airy, creating a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, the groom's room may appear slightly dark due to the use of bright tungsten lighting. This can be corrected in post-production or balanced with natural light or adjustments to the white balance during photography.

Other Areas to Explore in Longwood's Historic Downtown

In terms of portraits, the Longwood Community Center may not offer an extensive background to work with, aside from the house itself and its captivating natural light. However, conveniently located right next door is Reiter Park, which provides a fantastic alternative. This park features a charming small pond, vibrant green lawn, and beautiful trees. As you explore further into the park, you'll come across a delightful, small bamboo forest and an elegant, old oak tree surrounded by a scenic trail.